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          Hi Alex,
          We downloaded the photos...WOW! They are absolutely stunning. Misce and I are feeling blessed and inspired having spent time with you on Oahu. It was beyond amazing that you flew all the way from Australia to photograph our wedding. We had so much fun driving around the Island scouting locations and in the process getting to know you better. You are truly one of those rare beautiful souls that make the world a better place. Thank you a million times and more :)
          Hope our paths will cross again soon!
          Jai & Misce
          - Misce + Jai

          Alex is so incredibly talented, her work is complete magic, and of course it is, because she’s a magical human being. When we met Alex, she told us she loved doing wedding photography because “wedding photos travel through time” , and that is exactly how she captures your story - like your children, your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren are going to look back at look these images and see these moments of love frozen in time. We were lucky enough to have Alex visit us at our home in Santa Monica and she casually snapped photos of us with our dog at the end of our street, which was along the beach. The photos we got back were so beautiful, we didn’t know how our wedding photos could beat it! But Alex is Alex and she knows how to make every shoot authentic, raw and true to the moment. On our wedding day, she had scouted all the shoot locations near our venue and was super organized with her time. Honestly, the shoot happened so quickly and so efficiently that it was over in the blink of an eye. But when we received our photos, it looked like we had been shooting for hours or even days with all the locations and shots we covered. The quality of the photos, the timeliness of the editing period - so so many good things to say about Alex. She is a magic maker, and we could not recommend her enough.

          Thank you so much for our gift, those little momentos are so special to us! I cannot wait to get back to Aus and closer to you so we can see you more often.
          -Sara & Casey

          Hello Girlfriend,
          Firstly...I have had so many compliments about you.
          Next, you are actually amazing!

          and another next...I had a feeling about you from the beginning and wow!!! Rich and I may be used to the camera but YOU ARE AMAZING....having 1 hour of photos with my new husband and the most epic wedding photographer really was one of the highlights of our night......you played us music..you broke the rules (which Rich LOVES to do) and most importantly you put your heart, soul and everything into making our night f*ing EPIC!!!!!!!

          Never stop what you are doing, you are admired by everyone that looks at you (trendy chick from Paris) and most of all “us bride and grooms” feel relaxed, chilled, happy & on a buzz when around you.

          I can’t stop looking at my photos! Thankyou 
          Misce + Jai

          Alex (aka tiny French snack pack)

          Firstly, thank you so much for an absolutely brilliant day! We both had expectations of the day and how it would all pan out, and your company and all-round fabulousness completely smashed those expectations!

          I'm sure we can all agree, both Jordan and I are not super elegant in front of a couple of cameras, but you made us feel pretty damn comfortable (even when your cameras were in our face) and that is something pretty damn special!

          Your photos are truly a work of art, neither of us can stop scrolling through what you have already sent us...seriously, they're gorgeous!

          We are so grateful we had the honour of being photographed by someone as brilliant as you.

          hope that your mini get-away is exactly what you deserve!
          give yourself a damn good pat on the back! You're an absolute legend!

          Much love,
          The Bennetts

          Rhe + Jordan

          Wow, Alex!! These are AMAZING!!! Thank you soooo much!! We absolutely loved having you capture our day. It was so much fun!!
          You made us feel so comfortable and natural. Simon and I are so grateful, it means so much for us to have these beautiful photos as memories of our day. It really was incredible, the whole thing. So much love, joy and happiness. You captured all the emotions!
          You are seriously so talented at what you do!!
          - Sarah + Simon

          Alex you are incredibly talented.We are overwhelmed with complete happiness with this amazing collections of photos…. i’m beaming from ear to ear again!! I just want to relive that day over and over and we both can with these memories! I can’t wait to show everyone of the coming days.

          Now we have a huge problem of deciding what ones to frame around the house!! How do you get all these done whilst travelling.. I have no idea but I’m so impressed with the service you have given us.

          Lots of love to you
          Ash and Adam
          - Ash + Adam

          Thank you so much for the most beautiful photos!! You are so amazing and talented and we are so lucky to have found you!!! They’re just beautiful xxx
          Alex you are just incredible!!!
          Thank you again for all your hard work and pure talent!! You are amazing. Have a fabulous holiday xxxx
          - Molly + Daniel

          Alex the photos are insanely beautiful.
          I can’t even tell you how many times I have already gone through everyone.
          You are so talented and we couldn’t have been happier to have chosen you. Thank you over and over for capturing the rollercoaster of emotions throughout the entire day.
          You will see me sharing these for some time to come 
          Sending you lots of love xxx
          - Keisha + Matt

          ALEX! . You made me cry for a whole hour as we went through them!
          Mate - honestly, we CANNOT say THANK YOU enough for...

          1: being an incredible soul and energy around us on the day. We commented several times (and so did a lot of other guests) post the day, about how fantastic it was to have you and Jimmy and your general loveliness (and professionalism) on the day. 

          2: You truely capturing what we wanted the day to be about - (not us) but our love and the love we have for all those near and dear to us. It was a day filled with so much emotion and love and happiness and every single photo captures that.  

          There's a million other things i'd like to say and thank you for so sorry for the future emails and messages and comments about our gratitude that are bound to follow as we keep showing our families and as I frantically post away on the socials!

          thank you, honestly, from the bottom of our hearts. 

          Love always,
          xxx Mr & Mrs Foulkes xxx
          - Michelle + Gareth

          Thank you so so much Alex for our gorgeous wedding photos. you are such a sweetheart and it was such a pleasure to have you as part of our day. You made us feel so relaxed and you really captured the emotions of our day so the photos feel so natural and genuinely us. We love them!!
          - Sally + Tom