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          My photography is a representation of me... intimate, honest, bold and romanic.
          Authentic, real, and without pretence.

          Bonjour lovers, 

          I left my home country France 9 years ago; eager to see the world, to immerse myself in its natural beauty, to explore the wild landscapes and meet interesting people.

          Since then I’ve chased golden light, travelled the open road and lost myself in moments along the way. Travelling has been a big inspiration in my work. I love to get away and explore as often as I can – so I’m always available for location weddings across the world!

          I am a mad hatter and you will rarely see me without a hat on, I collect them from all around the globe. My spirit animal is the hummingbird, I’m always buzzing for my next adventure.

          I’m a passionate person with an adventurous spirit and a fiery mind. I give myself completely to everything I do. I believe connection is the essence of life and I love connecting with people, nature and animals – it’s very likely that I’ll fall in love with your fur babies!


          My Philosophy

          I believe photography should be a reflection of a moment in time. A way to capture life’s beautiful, ephemeral moments that too often seem to slip between our fingers.

          A way to make the intangible, tangible.

          I love shooting weddings because I’m a complete romantic (I am French after all!).

          They’re a big, beautiful, chaotic expression of love, emotion and passion.

          Of laughter, joy and tears; anticipation, nerves and tension. It’s not about awkward staged photos, but authentic moments – both the obvious and the not so obvious.

          A wedding day is a collection of moments. And the way I see it, I’m there to capture those moments, both big and small, to tell a story.

          Your story.

          Those moments of beauty that often go unseen; your crazy dance moves, the laughter, the tears, the real honest moments of life.

          Seeing these authentic moments captured in time is what inspires me and is treasured by my clients.

          When the blur of the wedding is over and you look at your photos for the first time, you will discover all these moments, these little stories that unfolded throughout your wedding day - some that you never even noticed.

          This is just another reason why I love shooting weddings.

          If you feel we would be a good fit, I would love to chat further about your special day and discover what moments we can capture together.